Doing Umeda on two wheels

We had to do some stuff in Umeda today, like exchange the weird-looking hat I gave Yasu for his birthday for something new. After our enjoyable biking adventure last week, we opted to use our bikes instead of the train again. We used a different bridge to cross the Yodo river this time, which was a little bit more scary but the views of the river and city were still excellent.
I’ve been craving sushi from the kaitenzushi chain Kurazushi ever since my last visit with my family in August, but it’s really hard to find in the neighborhoods in Osaka I frequent. They usually place their restaurants near big roads, easy to get to by car but usually outside of walkable reach from train stations . But today were by bike and with the help of a very convenient navigation system in Yasu’s cellphone we finally found a Kurazushi in Umeda! And to our surprise, it was right around the corner from the Loft, yay! The sushi was delicious and cheap as always and I’m sure we’ll be back there soon.
Unfortunately, my camera battery died during lunch and I forgot to bring my other battery, so you’ll have to just believe me when I say that after sushi, we ran many shopping errands (the birthday hat got exchanged for a peas-in-the-pod keychain) all over Umeda, before doing two hours of karaoke (the last time this year). Umeda seems so much smaller when you’re speeding through the streets on two wheels, instead of two feet.

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