Spanish birthday dinner

After work I hurried back to Tsukamoto, where the birthday-boy was alread waiting at the station. We returned to the little Spanish restaurant we tried a while back and I sang Yasu a birthday song before giving him his gifts. He loved the warm winter gloves, but we both thought the hat looked weird. When I bought it was alone and only had my own head to try it out on, on which it looked fine, but our heads have very different shapes and it looks goofy on his. So Monday we’ll go back to the store to exchange it for a better-looking one.
Dinner was good and especially the sangria was delicious. We ordered a set menu which included paella, which I usually avoid. For some reason, I’ve always believed I don’t like that dish because I don’t like rice (with the exception of sticky Japanese rice). So even though I’ve often been to Spanish restaurants at home and have even been to Spain several times, tonight was the first time I ever tried paella. And it was good! Or maybe it was because they used Japanese rice, instead of dry Spanish rice… Anyway, Yasu really enjoyed his birthday dinner, but was too tired (after his work in Nagoya) to do some karaoke.

3 thoughts on “Spanish birthday dinner

  1. That was a great nice! I really love that restaurant!! On Monday we didn’t buy a hat instead we bought “beans”. They are working well in order to take my fingernail-biting away! Yasu


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