Biking to the Umeda Sky Building

Originally we were just going to hang out at home today, because Yasu was leaving for Nagoya in the evening. But after sleeping in for a couple of hours, with no alarm clock set at all, which is quite special for me because I’m always afraid I’ll sleep the day away, we wanted to go outside. So we decided to bike around a little bit and discover the neighborhood. It’s nice and cold these days, which puts me in the best spirits ever and which always makes me feel like exploring the world. Poor Yasu, who doesn’t handle cold weather that well, but will always accompany me like the great boyfriend he is.
Quickly we decided to cross the Yodo river and ended up in Umeda. We biked towards the most recognizable building, the Umeda Sky Building and to my utter pleasure discovered a German Christmas market! I love Christmas and I love being able to say things to people and be understood and be able to understand the response. That’s right the market was crawling with real Germans, that apparently come over for 2 months each year to make some money during this season, so I could practice my rickety German. This was the first time in Japan that I was doing the ordering and that Yasu was just standing around with no clue what was going on, in stead of the other way around. But surprisingly he did pick up on some things that were being said, has he been secretly studying German?
I bought some German candy that tasted very much like home, and we also had some fried balls of dough, that seemed very much like tiny ‘oliebollen ’ (a Dutch New Year treat) to me. But I was told these little balls originated from Northern Germany, but suspiciously as we ate them with chopsticks, they still tasted like dry oliebollen to me. And of course we also had some bread (also very dry) with bratwurst , but I failed to produce photographic proof of that. Of course, it was all very expensive and not that great tasting, but it was a nice and surprising change from the usual in Japan.
Now that we were here, we decided to go up to the floating garden observatory too. Yasu had never been there before and I always love seeing cities from way up above. We saw Osaka from all angles and discovered the bridge we biked over earlier. We also made sure to admire the structure of the peculiar building with its weird escalators.
They gave us some stars to write down our wishes on and put in the big starboxes of wishes, if they like your wish they won’t make it come true but they’ll display it on some electrical memo board. Not sure what that’ll do, and they probably won’t chose ours as they were in English but hey it’s always nice to put your verbalize your desires, and also make sure they line up with your partner’s wants.
We had some fun in a dark room 173 meters above the ground by jumping up and down on some colorfully lit benches that were connected to lights in the big floor circle. We started out carefully, but things got kind of crazy in the end with everybody jumping up and down as hard as they could to create the wildest effects possible:
When we were having a rather disgusting, but expensive (which is why we finished it) drink up in the observatory cafe, we saw the beginnings of the sunset. We decided to quickly bike back to the bridge and see the sun set from there (we could have stayed in the tall building too, but of course all the good spots were already taken), we hurried and arrived at the bridge just about a minute too late… Oh well, the view was still beautiful and the sun sets everyday, so we’ll get another chance.
When we got back to Tsukamoto, we went for a quick Korean barbecue dinner in a newly discovered budget yakiniku place, before Yasu had to leave for Nagoya. But he’ll be back on his birthday (which is in 2 days) and we’re celebrating that together!

3 thoughts on “Biking to the Umeda Sky Building

  1. That was a fun bike trip! I am so surprised at how different Osaka looks from different points of view, from high building, from riverside etc.German village was a lot fun too.Yasu


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