Another new restaurant in town

Yasu and I are still trying out the many little restaurants here in Tsukamoto, and tonight we wanted to try the new Korean place. Once we got inside we found out the prices were very high and the atmosphere was kind of crappy, so we quickly got out of there. After a small bike ride we discovered a tiny restaurant that had just opened today (new restaurants seem to open weekly here), looked a bit European on the outside and served wine for just 200 yen. So I was game! 
The menu was limited, but that was a good thing according to Yasu because they only had a written Japanese menu so he had to translate everything to me. Even though we didn’t have a lot of choice we did find several thing to our liking and of course we also the few German items on the menu.
Cold and salty baby soybeans in the pod (edamame), spicy fermented Korean cabbage (kimchi), blackened chicken with an East Asian citrus fruit (yuzu) sauce, potato salad, German potatoes with bacon, onion, mushrooms and olive oil, plain German sausage, grilled fish (hoke), rice with little fish and chopped pickled ume (umeboshi), grilled soft pork. 
The food was good, the wine was delicious (but unfortunately not that cheap after tonight anymore) and the atmosphere and price weren’t disappointing either. I don’t really remember the name of the restaurant though, something with plums and cherries having their own growing styles… Well, the important thing is that I know where it’s located.

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