Drinks and interesting food

After work on a busy Saturday we’re all up for some relaxation in the form of good food and good alcohol. For most people the latter means beer, for me it means something sweet, like sparkling white wine when I’m home or umeshu (plum liquor) when I’m in Japan. So Machiko, Enzo and I took a train to Umeda to meet up with Ben and park ourselves in some Japanese izakaya for a couple of hours to drink copious amounts of beer and umeshu, and eat some interesting Japanese dishes, like green avocado tofu that tasted like bacon and fish that looked like a pig’s tongue:
Even though some of the food looked unusual, it was all really good and the umeshu was just the right amount of sweet. Also it was fun to see Ben again and do some catching up, talk to Enzo outside of work, and of course hanging out with Machiko is always great fun. After dinner we went to another izakaya for more drinks and plan our next outing, which could very well be cosplay karaoke (singing in front of other while dressed up in an extravagant costume). Not entirely sure what I think about that activity yet, but I guess it’ll be fun with nomihodai (all-you-can-drink-alcohol) and a digital camera to enable myself to embarrass myself further on here afterwards.

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