Christmas shopping at the Loft

Machiko and I had so much fun together yesterday, that we agreed to meet up again today. This time to do some Christmas shopping at the Loft in Umeda. We found some interesting things in that store, like cups with noses, mugs with breasts and money boxes with creepily moving faces.

In Japan we currently live in the year of the mouse and next will be the year of the cow. So all the stores have gone cow-crazy lately. Lots of cow products and materials to make New Year’s cards with cute cows on it. They even had cow head gear.
And those were not the only decorative items for the head we found. We also found some for famous Japanese foods, like takoyaki, crab and taiyaki. If I had only discovered these before Halloween, I might have actually gotten myself a costume, because wearing these was really exciting. Well, perhaps next year.
After browsing the Loft and finding some good presents to take home for Christmas, we set out to find a place where we could enjoy something to drink. It being a Sunday in impossibly crowded Osaka, this was quite difficult and when I was about to give up Machiko found this little tea-shop, where we refueled and gossiped.
Machiko had some appointment back at home, so she had to leave pretty quickly after tea. Next thing we’re looking forward to doing is purikura, so far we’d intended to do it every time, but somehow we never have enough time left to decorate the pictures to satisfaction.

3 thoughts on “Christmas shopping at the Loft

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