The MacBook has arrived

Last week Yasu and I ordered a new MacBook for me in the Apple Store in Shinsaibashi. We had to do it online because they don’t sell computers with English keyboards in the store and I really can’t work well with a Japanese keyboard, it keeps switching to Japanese characters, the spacebar it too short and all the symbols are misplaced. But ordering it online requires patience, which honestly I don’t always have… So I have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of my new MacBook. It was due to arrive yesterday, but around the time it was supposed to be delivered I had to work, so Yasu told them to come today before I go to work, and here it is:
It beautiful and very thin and light, but best of all it’s a Mac and not a PC. I’ve been wanting to get a Mac for years, mostly because I was getting sick of anti-virus programs slowing down my machine and the limitations of creative programs that run on Windows programs which would always freeze up anyway. But I’ve been using Windows for a very long time and I’m really used to it, I know where everything is and how everything works, even if it doesn’t work properly. So, I’m going to have to get used to a completely new system, but I’ve spoken to many people that have done it and they all say they got used to it quickly and would never switch back to PC. So I can’t wait to start playing around with my new Mac and trying out all the awesome programs on there, and hopefully become a satisfied computer user too.

One thought on “The MacBook has arrived

  1. Wow!!! i envy you!!! i wanna get it too!!!!!!my powerbook was already broken completely and i gave up to fix it (T-T)and you got the new Mac!! what a stylish laptop!!well, 2 days ago, i talked with my swedish friend who was learning japanese in Tokyo, and he said he intended to buy AirMac before he leave from Tokyo.but the problem of the appreciation of the yen happened and foreigners are getting a big problem from it now…and so he was not able to buy AirMac…however, it may be a chance for me to go to abroad at the moment??anyway, i need new Mac because i envy you tooooooo much!!


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