Shopping in Shinsaibashi

Today was shopping day. After getting up really late for a change, we refueled with brunch at one of Tsukamoto’s new small restaurants. It’s a 24 hour place where you buy a ticket from a vending machine, and then the waitress uses your ticket to tell the cooks what your order is. The food was quick, cheap and really good. I’m not sure about the restaurant’s name but it’s exactly the same chain as the place we had dinner in Nagoya on my first night in Japan in May 2007.
In Osaka, we spent several hours at the Apple store to check out the new MacBook and try out all its applications. My current computer, a pc, is in need of a replacement and it’ll be replaced with a Mac, because I’m sick of all the virus scanners, I don’t want faulty Windows Vista on my new pc, and I want a pc with better creative options. I’ve been thinking about switching to a Mac for a couple of years now, and the time is finally here. We ordered a MacBook online (because I don’t want a Japanese keyboard) in the Apple Store today, and it’ll be delivered to my apartment somewhere next week!
Then I also wanted to buy some colored Christmas lights to decorate my apartment, so we went to Don Quijote (a huge and messy discount store) to find some. After asking 3 or 4 people and some intercom communication between several employees, we finally found some. But what often happens when I want to buy something fun but unnecessary: when I actually find the product and am holding it in my hands, I decide that although it’s fun I don’t really need it, and would therefore be a waste of money. Not sure why this keeps happening but it has saved me a lot of money in the past, which isn’t a bad idea after just acquiring an expensive computer. Still, all that Christmas-light-finding trouble for nothing… Well, not nothing, we found some fun stuff to decorate ourselves with in Don Quijote:
It was a nice and long weekend together, which is good because tomorrow Yasu is leaving for a 2-week business trip to Tokyo, so I’ll be spending next weekend without him… Don’t worry, I never get bored… in my free time that is!

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