Dating in Kobe

We’ve been together for more than 4.5 years, but Yasu and I still love going on dates, and tonight we went to Kobe Harborland.

On our way from the station to Harborland, we discovered a crowd of people watching soccer on a big screen. Which was quite surprising as soccer isn’t popular in Japan, and baseball is the big national sport here. Yasu thought it may have been an event organized to increase the popularity of soccer. To me it felt like I was back in Europe for a minute, where soccer is so popular that it seems like a religion to some.

Besides surprising soccer events, Kobe Harborland has a lot more forms of entertainment, like a huge playground with a Ferris Wheel which has some cars totally made of see-through Plexiglass, and a huge Mario in whose belly loads of kids were jumping around.
Of course, we also found the typical harbor stuff, like lots of water, boats, lighthouses, tourists and couples walking by the water, like us.
All the water, reminded Yasu of Titanic and he was inspired to reenact the ‘I’m the King of the World’ scene, and pretend to be shot out of a canon which is really just a boarding plank…
As it got later, the colorful lights on the dinner and entertainment cruises started to look beautiful on a dark background. We didn’t board any of the ships with high entrance fees, instead we just took a seat at a picnic table on one of Mosaic’s decks and just enjoyed the view and some conversation. It was pretty cold (finally!!!) which made the whole atmosphere even more cozy with everybody sitting under blankets and crawling under their boyfriends’ arms for warmth.
It’s November so Christmas decorations are already popping up everywhere, including a huge tree illuminated with bright blue lights on the deck with the picnic tables. The Mosaic building also arranged for some entertainment with a female fire juggler on a unicycle, which was actually pretty impressive.
When we were finally too cold to stay outside any longer we headed to a Brazilian restaurant a coworker recommended to me. You can eat an unlimited amount of meat, salad and more there, with meat being the most important part of the meal of course. Meat is extremely expensive in Japan, so I never really get to eat enough of it here, so I was excited at the prospect of eating as much meat as I could for a change. And almost all the meat was awesome, except for the creepy chicken hearts, but the best part was that all the meat was served by guys with huge machetes.
After eating so much we actually felt like exploding, we went on a walk to lose some of the excess calories and admire the Christmas decorations in, on, at and around all the other buildings.
After that it was time to head back to Tsukamoto again, where we ended the evening with two hours of karaoke, which is always an awesome way to end any evening. Can’t wait for the next date.

3 thoughts on “Dating in Kobe

  1. Ghe ghe, de kippehartjes zijn niet zo heel erg om te eten hoor… ik vond het best te doen. Maar das lang geleden en of ik het nu weer zou proberen….;-)DVK XXXXXXXXXXX je moemie.


  2. By the way, ik zag eerst de foto van de ‘kanonskogel’ en dacht toen echt hee een kanonskogel en toen zag ik pas de uitleg;). Dus de actie en de foto zijn helemaal gelukt hihi! Moest ik nog even kwijt;)! xxxxxxxxxxx


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