Mug shots

I have a new Japanese experience to add my to my list: taking pictures in one of those train station photo booths. We needed new pictures for some official business so we chose the cheapest and most convenient option. In the photo booths at home have you sit down, throw in some money and endure 2 or 4 flashes and the pictures are done. They’re always the same size, always ugly and never quite what you need, so you end up going to a real photographer in the end. Here you have some editing options, you can choose the size of your pictures, you can retake pictures and pick the one in which you look the least ugly and you can even adjust the position of your head on your picture, to make sure it’s really central and obeys all the specific official rules.
I didn’t like my first shot, because I smiled slightly (not allowed) and weirdly, so I took a second shot, which was totally weird, so I decided to go with the first one. I could have taken a third and fourth and more until I was satisfied, but I was convinced the pictures would only increase in weirdness, and this would turn into a whole-day event and we were in a hurry. Yasu is not so picky and decided the first take was good enough and printed that. Of course, his picture looks better than mine, and of course we both look like criminals having their mug shots taken.

3 thoughts on “Mug shots

  1. Actually, this is the second time that American photo regulations have told me not to smile on a picture. And since the first time they’ve changed the rules in Europe too, no more smiling on visa and passport pictures…


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