Follow-up training

Today was the first day of my first-ever-7-day-workweek. I had a whole day of follow-up training at Honbu with the Welshman and 5 other teachers. It was a long day of going over everything we learned at initial training again and observing (pretending to be the student) and giving (pretending to be the teacher) model lessons. Of course, we also had to eat and we ended up having lunch at a very Japanese restaurant in a beautiful private room. Dinner (with well-deserved alcohol) was at an izakaya.
Overall, the training was fun and during some model lessons I laughed so hard I started to cry. What wasn’t so much fun was the fact that it was planned on a Monday, which is one of my regular days off, but it happens and we get compensated, so it’s ok. But as (bad) luck would have it, I also have to work in Senri Chuo this Sunday (my other regular day off), so I’m working 7 days in a row, surrounded by only one-day weekends… This is not really supposed to happen, though. So I guess I’ll just try to look forward to the extra money just before the holiday season, instead of the very long workweek.

One thought on “Follow-up training

  1. Oh I’m so sorry! I HATE when that happens and I can never have a positive outlook like you do. I hope the staff are extra nice to you these two weeks.


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