Maiko in Osaka

Maiko’s job took her to Osaka for a couple of days including this weekend, so of course we hung out today, and she took one of her coworkers along for the ride. After a quick introduction to KJ, and a thorough search for a big enough locker for Maiko’s suitcase we headed to The Loft, to do some shopping. We didn’t buy much but we did have a go at the crazy Halloween costumes they’re selling there. Of course, we picked up some coffee at Starbucks and we did some purikura, as Maiko is the Purikura Queen. She even knew a way to get all the pictures, instead of the usual 2, sent to your cell phone, by using some infrared transfer instead of the usual email.
This excited me a lot until I found out my phone doesn’t even have infrared. Oh well, but at least Maiko got all the pictures and she emailed them all to my phone:
One other thing we love to do when we hang out is karaoke… of course. So we got ourselves a beautifully lit pink room at Shidax and sang some Bon Jovi, Linkin Park and J-Pop for an hour.
All the singing and wandering about Umeda made us thirsty and hungry so we stopped at an English pub for cocktails (mine was a sangria), fish and chips and more.
We saved the best for last, which was a trip on the unbelievably high Hep 5 Ferris wheel. We didn’t go in the afternoon, because KJ told us he was too afraid of heights, maybe even more than me, and I know this Ferris wheel is really too high to be enjoyable. But I guess he changed his mind, because later he announced to want to ride the red monster. So we did. And it was high, too high, again. I heard KJ whimper a lot and sometimes he screamed “Don’t shake, don’t shake” at the top of his lungs, when we moved about in the little red box. I tried to take some pictures this time, but it’s hard when you’re on a moving wheel and it’s dark. The trip was still scary (a bit less this time) but still fun too.
After we all survived our 15-minute trip above Osaka, it was time to say goodbye again, because all 3 of us have to work tomorrow. Even me, on a Monday… I have follow-up training at Honbu. It was fun to hang out with Maiko again and be crazy, luckily KJ was crazy too, so he fit right in!

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