Indonesian lunch in Nagoya

Last night Kristin and I fell asleep after 4 AM, not because we were drunk and dancing around on the streets, but because we weren’t drunk and talking even though we ought to be sleeping. We ended up leaving Inuyama around 12 to get some food and do some shopping in Nagoya. Kristin took me to a Indonesian restaurant she discovered in the La Chic building in Sakae. Being half Indonesian, I have eaten a fair amount of Indonesian food in my life, and grown quite fond of the spicy goodness. I hadn’t seen any Indonesian restaurant in Japan before so I was very excited.

Even though the restaurant is on the 7th floor inside some huge mall, it still looks like some sidewalk café on some street somewhere. They had some cute seating outside, but we decided to have lunch inside where the interior was very modern, warm and beautiful. Of course I forgot to take a picture of that, but I did take a picture of Kristin showing off her Engrish t-shirt inside the Indonesian Café.

We ordered a some gado gado (cold vegetable dish with peanut sauce), lumpias, spicy chicken and beef satay in hot peanut sauce. It wasn’t really like the Indonesian food I know, but it definitely had some Indonesian tastes and it was absolutely delicious. Besides the gado gado came with krupuk (oily shrimp crackers) so I was happy!
After our wonderful lunch at Bali Café Putri, we continued our book shopping and both ended up with a very uncomfortable amount of books to carry home, still we couldn’t not buy the books, we’re quite the book fanatics. It was fun to be back in that part of Japan that kind of feels like home, and to see the many familiar faces and places that I’ve been missing. Now it’s time to go back to Osaka.

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