Spanish dinner

I guess we’ve been a bit tired of Japanese food because for the last couple of weekends Yasu and I have been frequenting Outback, a Western steakhouse chain, to feed ourselves with some very non-Japanese food. But we’ve gone there too many times and now we’ve grown tired with that too… So tonight we decided to try a small Spanish restaurant we spotted in Tsukamoto last week:
They didn’t have an English or a picture menu but they did have a Spanish menu! And even though I don’t speak Spanish (in spite of having had some encounters with the language, like a mini course in University, playing in a Spanish guitar band and of course vacations in Spain), I can decipher some of the written language and was able to order with minimal translation help from Yasu. We ordered several dishes and of course I ordered some sangria, which wasn’t half bad.
We spent several hours there, enjoying the food and atmosphere, and we even ended up ordering dessert, which we normally don’t do. We also enjoyed watching the cooks prepare the Spanish delicacies as they had an open kitchen right in front of us at the bar. I’m sure we’ll come here again, as long as we don’t go too often because I don’t want to grow tired with this cute little restaurant too.

One thought on “Spanish dinner

  1. Dat ziet er gezellig uit!!! A.s. zaterdag gaan we ook spaans eten… bij ons thuis. Samen met Femmie en haar schoonzoon, Erwin, gaan we gezellig aan de kook. Ennuh, natuurlijk hoort daar sangria bij!!DVK XXXXXXXXXX je moemie.


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