Body bag

Even though it’s Sunday I had to work today, this happens every so often and we get paid overtime, but if it were up to me it would never happen. I’d choose a full two day weekend over a little extra money everyday, so I was very eager to leave Senri Chuo when it was 5 PM. But when I went down to the subway station the trains weren’t running and hundreds of people were just waiting around hoping for a train to depart. What happened someone had jumped in front of a train, again! I waited with all the others feeling irritated of being robbed of even more free time on a Sunday. Japan has a grim reputation as one of the world’s worst suicide nations with someone killing him or herself every 15 minutes. It’s really insane how often someone jumps in front of a train just here in Osaka, I mean I’ve not even lived here for four months and I’ve already seen dozens of train delays due to suicide jumpers, and it’s a big nuisance. New stations have suicide prevention platforms with anti suicide walls, but there are still more than enough regular stations and the most popular way to kill yourself in Japan is still jumping in front of a train.
I’m lucky and 15 minutes later the train already leaves the station. A couple of stations later during a regular stop people start looking outside with frowns on their faces. I turn around and see lots of firemen and policemen and gather this is where it all happened. I start to look away when the old man next to me points at something he thinks I need to see, I look again and find myself staring at a grey body bag with the remains of the human being that decided to end his or her life today by jumping in front of the Midosuji train. Moments later the old man slaps me in the face, not on purpose but his movements are too wild when he’s talking about the horrific scene right in front of our train window. The rest of the train ride I find myself wondering what’s so wrong with the culture in this country that makes more than 95 (!!!) people per day take their own life…

3 thoughts on “Body bag

  1. The Canadian got caught up in this too. We were in Osaka, and he had just put me on the Shink back to Nagoya! And he had to walk….


  2. That’s disturbing.I love your blog. It’s so beautifully put together!! How about labels next to the food photos? I’d love to know what they are :)


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