Croc love

Everybody knows those colorful soft sole clogs named Crocs right? The ones with the cute little crocodile on the side, well if they are real. Well, in Japan they definitely do. I think it is the iPod of shoes in Japan, everybody seems to have them. I sometimes even think they are considered highly fashionable here. Hell, I even have a pair, pink of course, but I bought them in the Netherlands not here. Well, I like my Crocs, they are comfortable (except for the stones that keep entering through the holes in the front and sides of the shoes) and easy to put on and take off (not unimportant in Japan).
They are unbelievably popular here, everybody wears them, men and women, young and old. I’ve seen them in all colors and all sizes, and all kinds of weird version (sometimes even with heels or laces) and also at least 10 different kinds of rip-offs. In every class there’s at least one person wearing a pair of Crocs or fake Crocs, and when I teach kids, almost all of them are wearing them and theirs are usually decorated with those jibbitz thingies.

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2 thoughts on “Croc love

  1. Ik vind de kleurtjes wel wat hebben. Lekker knallend. En voor de kids zijn die jibbitz zo grappig! Als ik nog zon kleintje had dan wist ik het wel!DVK XXXXXXXXXXXXX


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