Girl talk

This week was counseling week at school. Meaning lots of classes were cancelled and that we were teaching special classes. I was teaching a special movie class, where we analyzed and practiced a scene from ‘How to lose a guy in 10 days’, and a girl talk class, where only women were welcome and we discussed girl stuff. During girl talk today one students revealed that she was part of some complicated love triangle at work, and it was so complicated that we needed to draw it our on the white board to make sense of it. Very interesting though! And during girl talk class last night, I met one of my students’ sister who’s married to a Dutch farmer and lives with him on a cow farm in the Netherlands (she’s on vacation in Japan now). Her name is Aki Nieuwland (note the Dutch last name) and… she’s speaks Dutch!
Today we met up after work for some dinner and some continued girl talk, only in Dutch this time! We went to this small Korean restaurant, and talked for two hours straight! We were talking so much that at one time the waitress came over to warn us that our food was getting cold, well it was already stone cold by then. Good thing Korean food also tastes good when cold. It was so much fun to talk to Aki, and to hear about her experiences in the Netherlands, and all the culture differences, only now from the other perspective. It’s too bad she’s flying back next week.

2 thoughts on “Girl talk

  1. Je ontvangt groeten uit Friesland! Ja, dat was heel erg gezellig.Ik viel dat we al lang kennen elkaar. Ik kijk er naar uit volgende keer samen uiteten. success verder met je les! gr. A. Nieuwland


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