Quick stop at Osaka immigration

I’ve been dreading going to the immigration office in Osaka for weeks, ever since I picked up my new passport at the Dutch consulate. As nobody gave me any deadline for transferring my visa to my new passport, I decided to go there after Obon. I just didn’t feel like spending hours waiting in line in some stuffy Japanese office building, again. Lots of foreigners want to travel abroad during Obon and need a re-entry permit from immigration, which they all tend to go get at the same time, and at the last moment.
So I went today, and it turns out that waiting till after Obon was a good idea. There were loads of people in the office waiting, but the counter I needed to be at was empty, there was nobody in line for a visa transfer or a re-entry permit. Ha! The office is a really nice and clean building, and they even have a konbini inside just in case you get thirsty or hungry during those long waits. Too bad I was finished so quickly… or not.

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