Lou’s Cup Noodle

In August, I went to the Cup Noodle Museum with the Dutchies to make my own Cup of customized Noodle, but I don’t really like instant ramen… But my boyfriend loves it! So today he did the honors and prepared the Cup of Lou noodles and then devoured them, and he let me taste some of it too.
It’s a shame to open a package that I worked on so hard, but the noodles expire after one month and it would be a greater waste to never eat them of course. Yasu loved the noodles and can’t wait to pay that museum a visit himself. And I actually kind of liked the noodles myself, they didn’t taste bad at all, I might buy some Cup Noodle in the future for personal use.

2 thoughts on “Lou’s Cup Noodle

  1. O jee, je gaat er ook bijna aan geloven… ramen. Ik vind het nog steeds niets. Geef mij maar dat lekkere eten dat ik at toen we terug kwamen van die Cup Noodles Museum. DVK XXXXXXXXX


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