No bowling for us

Just another Sunday. We didn’t have to work today, instead we could do something totally useless (actually I think free time is way more useful than time I spend on the job). We decided to go bowling, in Amagasaki because we expected the bowling alleys in Umeda to be crowded on a Sunday and we didn’t really want to spend our free time waiting in line. So we went to Round 1 at Amagasaki Station and discovered that we still had to wait a whole hour before being allowed to throw some heavy balls around. All right then, we entertained ourselves with some discounted purikura while waiting.
But after waiting for an hour we found out we had to wait one more hour! Which is weird because when we went to check the bowling alley we found several empty lanes that stayed empty. Well, whatever our patience was all used up and we gave up on bowling. We went back to Osaka to have dinner at McDonalds and see a movie, just like last week. Only this time we saw ‘Sex and the City’ and it wasn’t nearly as good as the movie last week, actually it was a bit boring. But hey at least we didn’t work today!

One thought on “No bowling for us

  1. Daarbij, de ballen zijn veeeeel te zwaar voor jullie! En inderdaad, niet gewerkt, zelfs niet in dat ene uur dat jullie voor niets hebben staan wachten.DVK XXXXXXXxxx


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