Not working this Christmas!

On Tuesday I arrived at work with swollen eyes, because I cried too much the night before when I had to say goodbye to the Dutchies. The manager asked me if anything was wrong, and I explained the way my eyes looked was just a souvenir from the night before and that I was fine at that moment. She sympathetically asked when I’m going to see my family again and I replied well that depends on you, on whether you’ll give me those 4 days off in December I need to go home for the holidays. Honestly, I never really hoped to get those days off as I officially only earn one day off per 2 months and I’ll be working here for 7 months in December and another native teacher already asked for the exact same 4 days off to go home himself. But apparently our manager can work wonders and has given both of us those 4 days off! So that’s right I’m going home again!
I just booked my flight, with KLM of course. I never want to fly another airline again as this one comes with flight attendants that speak Dutch and serve carbonated icetea (my favorite drink but hard to get outside of the Netherlands). This time I’ll be arriving at Schiphol on December 21st and departing on January 4th, so I’ll be home for two whole weeks! Yay!

2 thoughts on “Not working this Christmas!

  1. Ik had het stiekem al via via gehoord;), maar ben heel blij (na een weekje ziek) het zelf hier te lezen!!!!!!!!!!! Te gekkkkkk!!!! Helemaal blij!Nu eens bij lezen, want ben ver achter!Kus, Minke


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