Karaoke for the last time

We survived the hot night in my even hotter shoebox sauna, it was quite tight with 4 people and all those suitcases, but it was also nice to have everybody near their last night in Japan. Their plane isn’t leaving until late tonight, so before packing up to go the airport we went to Namba one more time… to do what? Karaoke of course! It’s so hot here and I really can’t cope well with heat, one thing it does is diminish my appetite. So far I’ve forgotten about lunch the whole time the Dutchies were here, and the hungry men in our group had to keep reminding me that food needed to be eaten. And today was no exception, so we had a quick lunch at Bikuri Donkey before checking in at Shidax.
After their first karaoke experience one week ago the parents have been looking forward to what we’ve done today: free time! Which means many hours of karaoke for one low flat rate. During the week the parents made a list of songs that they wanted to sing and we worked through almost all of them and more of course.
We only ended up doing about 4.5 hours, which might sound like a long time but it sure isn’t when you’re in a karaoke room. We didn’t want to go when we had to, but the Dutchies have to catch that damn plane tonight. A plane that’s going to take them away from me again…

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2 thoughts on “Karaoke for the last time

  1. Zullen we nog een keertje zingen?Was errug leuk om te doen. Ik weet dat ik keivals zing maar in zo’n kamertje hoor je dat niet eens! Helaas, als ik thuis of in de sportschool mijn Ipodje opzet heb ik wel eens de neiging om hardop mee te zingen… maar ik bedenk me dan net op tijd dat ik dat beter niet kan doen!DVK XXXXXXXXXXXX je moemie.


  2. Ja ik weet niet wat ze doen met het geluid in die karaoke kamertjes, maar daar krijg ik ook altijd het gevoel van dat ik geweldig kan zingen :).


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