Bye bye Dutchies

Yasu picked all the Dutchies and all their suitcases up in Tsukamoto and drove us all the way to the airport, which is at least an hour by car from Osaka. On the way from the parking lot to the terminal the Dutchies were all still in their karaoke mood and redid ‘Walk like an Egyptian’, which made it impossible for me to get that not so great song out of my head.
They’re flying with Emirates to Dubai, from there they’ll take another plane to Düsseldorf, Germany where their trusty car is parked, and then they still have to go through a long drive home… It would have easier if they just stayed here, but I guess they didn’t agree because they still checked in for flight EK 317 leaving at 23:15…
After getting their boarding passes and getting rid of their suitcases, we still had time for dinner and coffee. And of course we took the opportunity to behave like crazy foreigners one more time, even Yasu joined in and behaved rather peculiar.
But way too soon it was time to say goodbye… again. I really don’t like airports and I like saying goodbye at airports even worse. And I have no idea when I’m going to see the Dutchies again, because I don’t think it’s likely that I’ll get the needed 4 days off with Christmas to go home for the holidays. But even though it’s another sad occasion, and I usually start crying way before I actually have to say goodbye, I hadn’t cried any tears… yet. We hugged and kissed a lot and I even pointed my dry eyes out to the Dutchies and Yasu, who were all just as surprised as I was. As they know me and they’ve all said sad goodbyes to me at airports before. Then they walked away about to go into customs, and then suddenly an explosion in my eyes… there were the tears we were all expecting! All the Dutchies came running back for a couple of more group hugs and even a group kiss.
But of course they still had to leave and they did. They went through customs and security and waved as they went down the escalator out of sight. But the guys kept popping their heads back to wave one more time, and one more time… I kept crying and waving. Where was my mom though? She was already halfway down the escalator, but when she saw the guys waving again, she ran back up the moving stairs, tripped at the top, bruised her knees terribly, but still waved at me one more with a big smile. Poor Moem… Then they were gone for real, heading towards the plane that took them away from Japan. And Yasu was left with a 28-year-old crybaby.
But don’t feel sorry for Yasu, because he loves to make fun of me when I’m crying. So he enjoyed teasing (because he’s a mean boyfriend) and comforting (because he’s also a sweet boyfriend) his girlfriend at the same time, when we drove back to Osaka.

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