The Dutchies’ last night in Japan

Of course, dinner in Nagoya had to be had at Yamachan, the tebasaki king. Maiko came to Nagoya to join us for dinner after Gyano invited her earlier in the day via email. And naturally the Dutchies all loved Yamachan’s tebasaki, but several other dishes also kept being reordered by the hungry men at our table.
With the Queen of Purikura in our midst we had to take some new purikura pictures after dinner. Maiko has hundreds of purikura pictures in her cell phone, I think she goes to a purikura booth every week and she taught me how to do purikura. Now she was going to help fine-tune Gy’s purikura skills:
While the rest of us waited patiently (by now the parents had had enough of purikura) Maiko did all the writing and Gy did all the decorating with glitters and more on the pictures and here are some of the results:
After all this it was really time to say goodbye, again… Maiko is one of those few Japanese that loves to hug so everybody had to be hugged a couple of times before we finally really said goodbye. I wish I could move her to Osaka with me, but at least she is not as far as the Dutchies are going to be again from tomorrow on… By the way, don’t you think the Dutchies are getting really Japanese with those experienced v-signs everytime I take a picture?
We took the Shinkansen back to Osaka and this time the bullet train was nearly empty so we had the freedom to move some of the seats around to create a nice little corner with 6 seats, one for all 4 Dutchies and all their shopping and presents from our Japanese friends.
This is going to be the last night the Dutchies spend in Japan, and this time it won’t be in a so so hotel room or in a luxurious prison cell, no tonight we are all going to sleep in my apartment, a.k.a. a sauna the size of a shoebox! Quite an experiment… The parents will share my bed and Gy and I will share the floor, it’s going to be cosy.

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