Shopping in Nagoya

For some reason The Dutchies couldn’t get enough of shopping in Japan, so I changed today’s schedule to shopping in Nagoya instead of sightseeing in Nagoya, which made the Dutchies like me very much. Sometimes one needs to be flexible, besides these poor people have endured enough sightseeing for a year, so it was about time to reward them with a day of shopping. And being in Nagoya made finding the kinds of stores they needed way easier than if we were in Osaka. Gyano wanted to spend his last bunch of yen on new clothes so I took them to a ‘cool’ store down in the Esca at Nagoya station.
We found some pretty cool stuff there, unfortunately he didn’t buy any of the shirts or sunglasses on these pictures, although I still think the ‘Smoke Love Peace’ shirt really suits him. Anyway he did manage to satisfy all his clothing needs with slightly less controversial clothes and emptied his wallet successfully. My mom and Guido couldn’t wait to spend several hours and several yen in the Loft (they had a sneak peek in this store earlier this week in Osaka) again. Lots of DVDs and CDs were also purchased at HMV, which is also where I found my birthday present from the parents: two DVD boxes of an American TV show for me to watch at home instead of chaotic and incomprehensible Japanese TV.
In between all the shopping and walking from store to store I did manage to sneak in some sightseeing of some of my favorite places in Nagoya. In Sakae, I took them up to the Aqua roof at Oasis 21, after bribing them with some ice cream from Baskin & Robbins. We also quickly admired the TV tower and the naked lady fountain before returning to Meieki where we briefly checked out the Midland Square building, rode its glass elevator (scaring Guido) and took pictures of Nagoya Station’s Twin Towers.

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