Inuyama City Jail

So last night I slept in a hotel in Inuyama for the first time, and I won’t do it again, at least not in that hotel. Actually, the hotel was pretty nice, the rooms were big, the beds were comfortable and the price was reasonable… but I really don’t appreciate being locked up at night. This hotel actually has a curfew, you have to be inside by midnight, which is when they lock up the hotel and you can’t go outside or come inside anymore, until the hotel opens up in the morning. And we discovered they were going to lock up just 5 minutes before midnight! Well, excuse me I thought I booked a room at the Inuyama City Hotel instead of the Inuyama City Jail. The parents were pretty tired, even though they thought locking us up was seriously weird, it didn’t matter much to them because they were off to bed. But Gy and I haven’t gone to bed before 3 this whole vacation and we weren’t planning on starting today and definitely not because some hotel tells us to. Besides I was going to take Gy on a walk through Inuyama to show him some of my old hangouts. Maiko unsuccessfully tried to negotiate something with the hotel clerk several times, but they were determined to lock us up… What kind of stupid hotel doesn’t have a night door?
Well, Gy and I are quite stubborn and we were determined to break out of jail. Apparently they could lock us up in the hotel, but they sure as hell weren’t going to force us into our luxurious cell on the 9th floor. So we parked our asses in the lobby chairs with some booze and snacks, planning to drive the clerk crazy with our 2 person party. But before Gy finished his first cigarette and I finished my phone conversation with my boyfriend the clerk already got the point, and told us a ‘midnight walk’ would be ok after all. He then showed us how to unlock and lock the door and let us out of prison. We celebrated our breakout with some dessert at Denny’s.

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