Checking out my old life in Inuyama

Besides my old workplace, the Dutchies really had to see where I used to live and shop too. We went to Pearl Hills, my old and ugly apartment building with nothing pearly or shining about it. Sean the guy that lives there now is in Osaka right now with Kristin and some of my old students. Great timing isn’t it? So sadly, we won’t be seeing any of them while we’re here, nor the inside of my old shoebox apartment. I still rung the doorbell, just in case he changed his mind about Osaka and decided to stay in Inuyama, but of course that wasn’t the case.
After a shopping spree at Seria, the huge 100 yen store (which I really miss and still haven’t found a good replacement for in Osaka) and a bathroom break at Yamanba, the internet café, both in the same street as Pearl Hills, we walked (through the rain) to Ito Yokado. The small mall next to the train station, where I always used to my grocery shopping both Japanese and foreign (at a small foreign food store for which I also still haven’t found a replacement in Osaka), buy stationary goods and presents (there’s a Loft in Osaka so I don’t need a replacement), and buy ice cream at Baskin & Robbins (which they’re building a replacement for in Senri Chuo, to open in October).
The day is nearing its end and we haven’t checked out the castle Inuyama is famous for, yet. It’s a small castle and Japan’s oldest, and a national treasure. Still, the Dutchies have already seen Himeji Castle and I’ve seen both and concluded that there’s not so much new to discover here in Inuyama. So we’ve decided to scratch Inuyama Castle from the to-do-list.

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