Back to Inuyama

After a week of extensive sightseeing in the Kansai region of Japan, it’s finally time to check out Nagoya and Inuyama, where I used to live and work. Our journey started at Shin Osaka where we took a Shinkansen to Nagoya Station. Obviously this was the first time for my family to ride the Japanese bullet train, and I haven’t used one since Golden Week as I don’t really need it anymore now that Yasu and I only live a bike ride apart. The Shinkansen is always very comfortable and spacious and I think everybody enjoyed the 1 hour ride to Nagoya.
Being back in Nagoya, felt a little bit like coming home from a long vacation. Having started my Japanese life in this city, it kind of is my Japanese ‘hometown’ and I know my way around this city way better than around Osaka. But we’re going to hang out in Nagoya tomorrow, today is Inuyama day, so after getting off the Shinkansen we immediately went to the Meitetsu train station to catch a train to Inuyama.
The first thing we did was take pictures of the Dutchies in front of my old workplace, which I can’t show here because I’m no longer allowed to divulge the name of my employer on my blog. Of course the school was closed as it still is Obon vacation, so taking pictures with a closed school was all we could do. Although they did briefly meet the new assistant manager who rushed past on her way to catch a train. Luckily, Al Centro, my favorite Inuyaman restaurant next-door to the school was open, so we went in to have some lunch. The owner hadn’t forgotten about me yet, and treated us to a portion of fries with mayonnaise instead of ketchup (the Dutch way, like I taught him). Halfway through lunch, Maiko and her mommy Masa joined us. They were very happy to finally meet my family, something they’d been looking forward to for a long time.
Lunch was awesome, I just love Al Centro’s spinach pizza and missed it a lot, and seeing Maiko and Masa again was wonderful too. There are so many things we want to do today and so many things I want to show my family about Inuyama, but we’re only here for one day so I’m going to have to set some priorities… Well, at least I finally got them here, even though I don’t live here anymore.

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