The Dutchies at the sushi-go-round

After our bridge adventure in Kobe we took a train back to Amagasaki, where Yasu and his grandmother Shizuko picked us up. Before we drove all the way out to Yagi for the fireworks we had lunch at Kurazushi, which is my favorite kaitenzushi place and one of the places on my checklist for this week. Especially Guido loves sushi so Kurazushi was really a must-go-to, because they have the best and the weirdest sushi on their conveyor belt.
Besides all the delicious and funny sushi, my family also got to meet Yasu’s tiny grandmother. Shizuko came along because she’s meeting up with Yasu’s parents at the fireworks place. Unfortunately, she suffers from Alzheimer’s disease and forgot about meeting those big foreigners every five minutes, so we kept scaring the poor woman.

2 thoughts on “The Dutchies at the sushi-go-round

  1. Ocharme dat kleine vrouwtje… ik zie haar nog naar de keuken van het restaurant toe lopen! Hopelijk hebben we haar niet al te bang gemaakt!DVK XXXXXXXX je moemie.


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