Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge

Tonight we’re going to the Japanese country to see a fireworks spectacle, it’s a long way from Osaka, so we’re leaving pretty early. Leaving us with just a couple of hours to kill, which we did in Kobe, to be more specific at the impressive Akashi-Kaikyo bridge. This is the longest suspension bridge in the world with a central span of 1991 meters. The central span was supposed to be only 1990 meters, but the 1995 Kobe earthquake moved the two towers 1 meter further from each other (the bridge was still under construction them and only the towers had been erected). It crosses the Akashi Strait and leads the highway from Kobe to Awaji island.
We were heading for the Maiko Marine Promenade, but on the way there we got distracted by the people fishing under the bridge. After our disastrous and disappointing fishing attempt at Zauo on my birthday, we were impressed and appalled by what we saw here. We were mostly observing an elderly couple with fishing rods with several hooks on it and a small basket which they filled with bait. They threw their lines into the water and not even 30 seconds later their were pulling fish out of the water and usually more than at a time. Granted the fish were small, but when you’re catching about 2 fish a minute then you can still collect a good amount for a nice family dinner. I just hope they have a quick way to clean the tiny fish, because having to clean a hundred fish before you start cooking dinner just doesn’t seem worth it.
On the other side of Awaji island is another bridge the Onaruto bridge leading to Tokushima. Last year, Yasu and I really enjoyed the observation walkway under that bridge, so I had high expectations for the Maiko Marine Promenade which is the observation walkway built under the Akashi-Kaikyo bridge, hanging 47 meters above the Akashi Strait. This bridge is way more impressive and much longer than the Onaruto bridge, but the observation walkway is nothing compared to the one on the smaller bridge. The Maiko Marine Promenade was surprisingly short, and the view wasn’t so impressive so close to shore. There were less observation windows in the floor than the advertisements seemed to promise, but they were fun and scary nonetheless, but not as scary as my first time under the Onaruto bridge, I’m really starting to get used to scary heights I guess.
The walkway was a bit of a letdown, but the bridge was impressive as always though and it’s just nice to be near the water when it’s as hot as it is here these days. Besides we already have a spectacle on the menu for tonight, and we can’t be too excited the whole time that wouldn’t be good for our hearts.

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