Orange tunnels

Today is Kyoto day! Most tourists that come to Japan really want to visit Kyoto to experience traditional Japan and the Dutchies were no exception. I haven’t been to Kyoto very often myself, and there is still a lot I want to see there myself. Actually, I have been wanting to see a certain bunch of orange shrines forming mysterious tunnels, for quite a while now, so that’s the first place I took us today.
There are numerous shrines dedicated to the Shinto god of rice named Inari and the Fushimi Inari Taisha in Kyoto is the most famous one. There are a lot of foxes (statues and wooden heads) in and around the shrines, because apparently they are Inari’s messengers. But this shrine is not famous for its many foxes, it’s famous for the countless number of orange torii gates that line the hiking trails of Inari mountain behind the shrine’s main buildings. The torii are all offerings from worshippers who have their names carved into the orange monsters.
They say it takes about 2 hours to walk the whole trail, but we didn’t walk the whole trail. Because after walking the trail for about 30 minutes you’ve seen enough orange gates to last you a lifetime and you won’t need those other 90 minutes. Also it was so unbelievably hot (again) that Guido almost passed out, he is just too white to stand this kind of weather. The good news about that is that we got to splash him with holy shrine water in an effort to cool him down:
Still, Fushimi Inari Taisha is really impressive and I’m really glad we made the trip out here, even though it was too hot to really enjoy it. Maybe I can convince Yasu to come back here in winter and take a romantic walk through the white snow and orange shrines.

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2 thoughts on “Orange tunnels

  1. Precies wat Yasu zegt, in de herfst terug gaan. Dan is het ook niet zo heet en heel mooi met die vallende bladeren. Wordt het nog meer oranje!!!DVK XXXXXXXXXXX


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