Kyoto Station

Kyoto station is Japan’s second largest train station building (after Nagoya station), it’s 70 meters high and 470 meters from east to west. And most surprisingly it’s very futuristic in a city that is famous for being one of the least modern cities and Japan with all its temples and shrines. The station has a lot, a lot of escalators, and they go up very, very high. You can’t see it properly when you’re are down near the tracks, but every time you get near the end of one escalator a new one pops into view. Halfway up the escalators are accompanied by a very long stairway, and my mom and Gui were brave (or crazy) enough to take the stairs, Gy and I were hot enough as it was with this insane summer heat so we took the escalator. Well, they made it all the way up, but they had a tough time catching their breaths, and I was just glad Gui didn’t nearly pass out again, due to heat exhaustion, like earlier at Fushimi Inari. But they did walk all the way up so they were the heroes of the hour.
Of course the big reward for their hard work was lunch. There are a lot of restaurants on the top floors of the station, and the final choice fell on a tonkatsu restaurant. My mom has a soft spot for deep fried shrimp so she ordered the ebikatsu instead of the deep fried pork dish. They might have thought they’d be able to relax at lunch after their hike up the Kyoto station stairs, but there was no time for that as we had to make our own sauce while we waited for lunch to be served. First the sesame seeds needed to be grinded to pulp and then you choose some brown liquid (either mild or spicy) and add it after which you mix it all up into some tonkatsu sauce.
And then if you’re me you ignore your hard work the rest of the meal and just eat your meal without any sauce. But the other Dutchies did enjoy their self-made sauce a lot, but they loved their katsu even more. Ow and we all took the escalators back down, I guess the parents felt they’d worked hard enough today.

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2 thoughts on “Kyoto Station

  1. Euhm… volgens mij ben ik ook nog met de trap naar beneden gegaan… niet helemaal maar toch een stukje? Offuh, vergis ik me nu? Maakt verder ook niet uit, het was keileuk!DVK XXXXXXXXXXX


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