The Osaka aquarium

It’s my birthday so traditionally (in our family) I get to decide what we do today. I hate heat so I really don’t like the summer, especially Japanese summer, so I wanted to spend the day inside. I know my parents wanted to see Kayukan, the Osaka aquarium, and that’s an inside and therefore air-conditioned, so I planned the aquarium visit for today. So after waiting in a very long and hot line outside, we were finally allowed to enter.
They had a lot of sea creatures inside and even more human creatures. It was extremely busy because of Obon, which made our fish-watching experience a lot less comfortable than we had hoped. Aquarium employees were even shouting at us to move it along through megaphones. Of course we don’t understand Japanese and just went our own merry and slow way, especially when we were watching the ever fascinating penguins and octopuses. It’s a nice aquarium, but I prefer the aquarium in Nagoya, because I mean what is an aquarium without a dolphin and orca show?

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