Happy birthday Lou!

Many, many years ago at this exact moment I was born in the Netherlands, and every year since I’ve celebrated that moment together with my sweet mother! On the other hand, Yasu has never been able to celebrate my birthday with me, ever since I met him almost 5 years ago, even though I lived in Japan last year (he was in the States for a seminar, so I went home to celebrate it there). Well, I’m happy to say that today I’ll be celebrating my 28th birthday (aargh two more years until the dreaded 30) with my boyfriend and my mother! And also my brother and stepfather!
On the menu today: probably not a birthday cake, but a visit to Kaiyukan (Osaka Aquarium), after which we’ll catch some fish for dinner at Zauo in Namba, and after all that fishy excitement we’ll be doing some nomihodai and singing at Shidax!

3 thoughts on “Happy birthday Lou!

  1. Hey poepie!!!! Een klein birthday cakeje at Shidax had je toch wel, mét kaarsjes! We hadden de hele ochtend lopen zoeken voor we naar de metro gingen maar het leek wel of er geen één winkel kaarsjes of theelichtjes had… gelukkig dat Yasu en Gy het later konden regelen tijdens karaoke.Happy Birthday nogmaals! Ghe ghe, op naar de 30!!!DVK XXXXXXXXXXX je moemie.


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