Parents meeting parents

At Tachibana station Yasu picked us up in his family’s car and drove us to his parents’ house where they met his brother (again) finally his parents. Communication was difficult because his parents don’t speak English and mine obviously don’t speak Japanese.
We all went to dinner at a small izakaya named Ken Bird, where we had some delicious food and Yasu acted as the evening’s interpreter. Lots of subjects were discussed like everybody’s jobs, the Olympics (which was on TV in the izakaya), and our countries’ histories. Not sure when our parents will get to meet each other again, so this was kind of a memorable event.

More pictures


3 thoughts on “Parents meeting parents

  1. Hey Lou,ik heb van mamma en guido gehoord dat jullie het heel leuk hebben gehad. Leuke foto`s ook!Nu moet ik nog een keertje komen hè?…… Ik wacht toch maar tot dat jij weer komt want het is toch wel heel erg ver vliegen hè.Dikke kus


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