Unlimited Korean barbeque in Amagasaki

There are lots of things, food wise, I want the Dutchies to try this week and tonight we crossed the first one of the list: yakiniku. People call it Korean barbeque, so it’s not technically Japanese food, but it’s super popular here and I love it too, like any meat lover would. We took a train to Amagasaki, with a short pit stop in Tsukamoto to admire some of the Yodogawa fireworks but it was way too crowded even on the train platform so we quickly gave up and got back on a train. In Amagasaki, Yasu and his brother Hiro picked us up and took us to One Kalbi plus:
We’ve been to One Kalbi several times before and it’s great, but this was my first time at the new and improved One Kalbi plus. They’ve recently added a very reasonably priced 2-hour all-you-can-eat and all-you-can-drink option to their menu, and suffice it to say we were very happy and extremely stuffed customers when we left the restaurant.

2 thoughts on “Unlimited Korean barbeque in Amagasaki

  1. Gezelligheid ten top! Lekker eten en leuk gezelschap. Hopelijk heeft Hiro het mij vergeten dat ik zijn naam beetje verkeerd zei… Hiroshima… ai ai… DVK XXXXXXXX je moemie.


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