The Dutchies in Senri Chuo

This morning we all got up early and met at the subway station in Daikokucho to start our journey to Senri Chuo. I wanted to get there way before work started (already earlier than normal at 10 AM) so I could show my family around a bit as they’d be spending the whole day shopping and such in Senri Chuo. Gy got a complete makeover today, complete with a new Japanese coupe, clothes, shoes and man’s bag. The rest of their day was spent shopping for souvenirs, wandering around and trying to fight their jetlags at Starbucks, and of course having lunch with me!
After a nice tempura lunch we headed to an arcade where Gy and I battled in Mario kart world (and somehow I beat him). But the real reason for going to the arcade was of course to find a purikura machine. It was really fun, but unfortunately they only had machines that send just 2 (instead of all 6) pictures to my cell phone:
But the best part was showing them around my workplace after work. They’d already met most of my coworkers during lunch when they were lured with frantic waves and welcomed with loud applause, but with all the students gone after the last class I had the chance to show them around the school and to take some pictures with the staff.
And now it is finally time for Obon! My 9 day summer vacation is about to start and I’m going to spend it showing these Dutchies around in Japan!

One thought on “The Dutchies in Senri Chuo

  1. Dat was nog eens echt leuk om in werkelijkheid te zien waar je werkt. Nu kan ik je in mijn gedachten zien lopen van lokaal naar lokaal… of van lokaal naar je lunch… of van lokaal naar de wc… DVK XXXXXXXXXXX je moemie.


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