Karaoke Gy

After dinner the parents headed back for their hotel in Daikokucho and Gy and I got off at Tsukamoto. Not to return to my place for some very necessary sleep… but to head for Jankara, the local karaoke joint. After tonight’s fireworks matsuri Tsukamoto was still crawling with people and even trash (very unusual in Japan) so there was quite a long wait for a (very expensive it being Saturday) karaoke room, but we didn’t care. We’ve been looking forward to singing karaoke together for a very long time and tonight the moment was finally there.
The Jankara rooms are old and dirty and nothing compared to Shidax rooms, but that didn’t matter. We had a blast and Gy was transformed into a karaoke junkie almost instantaneously. But he was easy to convince, we’ve always enjoyed singing together, but the tough cookies will be the parents. They’ve let us know on many occasions that they really don’t want to be introduced the karaoke experience, but I’m sure once they try they’ll love it, but they won’t believe me…

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