They’ve arrived!

Right about now the wheels of flight EK 0316 should be touching Japanese soil on some runway at Kansai airport. Inside the plane arriving from Dubai are my mother, my brother and my stepfather!This is their first time in Japan and I can’t believe they’re finally here. This maybe because I’m still at work and not actually at the airport to pick my family up… My dear boyfriend is doing the honors, for which I’m really grateful, and escorting them to their hotel in Daikokucho (the same one I stayed in during training).
Yasu sent me this from Kansai airpot to show me that they’ve really arrived!
So tonight, after work I’m going to rush downtown like crazy to meet up with them! We’ll have a very quick dinner because we have to get up really early, as I have to work one more day before Obon starts and my family is going to wander around Senri Chuo for the day. Ow and Gyano is coming to Tsukamoto with me for a week-long sleepover!

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