Funny sushi

Yasu and I had lunch at Kurazushi today, which is my favorite kaitenzushi place, so far. As usual, the sushi was delicious, but not always what you’d expect at a sushi place. It’s not uncommon to see some interesting inventions slide by on the conveyor belt, sometimes they are too weird to look at (let alone take off the belt and eat) and at other times they are so weird that you just have to try it (and usually end up liking it). I pictured just a small selection of funny sushi today, because as soon as you start eating you get so caught up in enjoying the cheap sushi that you totally forget about your camera:
Clockwise from the top left: cooked tuna-mayonnaise sushi, hamburger sushi, raw salmon-raw onion-mayonnaise sushi, cooked eel-soft boiled egg-leek sushi, boiled egg-mayonnaise sushi, and grilled pork sushi.
The most peculiar kind was definitely the hamburger sushi, which I’d seen before but never tried until today, and it turned out to be not bad at all. In general, it’s fun and often tasty to try out funny sushi, but there are still sushi going around that am not brave enough to try, like the ones with chopped up natto or creepy sea creatures. Also, you’ve got to love a healthy dose of mayonnaise when going for lunch at a sushi-go-round in Japan, because mayonnaise is a very, very popular ingredient here.

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