Today we finally went to Dekapathos in Kobe. It’s a water park Yasu discovered online not so long ago. We’ve wanted to visit it for a couple of weeks now, but we didn’t because it was either closed, bad weather was looming or too crowded due to a national holiday. Today we finally made the trip to Rokko Island on a JR train and a monorail. It’s a nice park which reminded me a lot of the one I went to with my family in Mallorca in 2006. We spent about two hours enjoying the water (which wasn’t cold, but still wet and refreshing during a Japanese summer) in the scorching sun. Until:
Minutes later the skies opened treating us to thunder, lightning and hard rain, which ended our relaxing day in the sun. The first time I’m actually enjoying the heat in Japan and it was ended so abruptly. We spent a long time huddled up hiding from the storm in the restrooms with dozens of strangers and later after we ran a bit through the storm in our swimsuits (at least we didn’t care that we got wet) between the lockers with hundreds of strangers, also all half-naked like us. I kept hoping for the weather to clear up, as it always does when you’re not in the vicinity of a nice pool and you’re actually wishing the sun away until autumn. But it didn’t.

3 thoughts on “Wet

  1. Ja, vreemd he? En het was nog een hele erge storm ook nog, met 4 (3 kinderen) doden als gevolg. Die mensen waren in een (normaals veilige) rivier in Kobe aan het zwemmen en zijn door de storm verdonken.


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