Japanese people are busy. They work incomprehensible amounts of overtime and hardly have any time to unwind or even sleep. Perpetual overtime and exhaustion have been the rule rather than the exception in Japan for decades, so they needed to find some kind of solution for the lack of time people have in this country. The answer… longer days:

That’s right in Japan we have 25 hours in the day, instead of the normal 24 hours. It’s nice because we can all sleep that one extra hour per night which can really make the difference between staying awake or falling asleep in class.

3 thoughts on “25/7

  1. Jeetje, 25 uur in een dag… das wel errug veel. Maar ach, voor de één geweldig en een uur extra slapen, voor de ander extra werken! ;-))DVK XXXXX je moemie.


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