Cigarette sarcasm

Today I get to work and find a very entertaining poster decorating all the walls and windows of the mall/train station my school is located in:

The poster starts off with a sarcastic complaint about the dirty beaches: “As long as you don’t look around your feet, the seas of Japan are beautiful”. I couldn’t agree more.

The creators of the poster have the smoker profiled as a malicious person walking around with a wicked smile out to harass (and even injure) non-smokers brandishing their blazing sticks of provocation and blowing clouds of stinky smoke: “I carry a 700°C fire in my hand with people walking all around me. In summertime, the arms that pass near my lit cigarette are bare”.

But curiously the non-smokers are not as concerned about burn marks made my an evil smoker’s cigarette, as they are about avoiding those stinky masses of cigarette fog that is emitted by all those smoking fiends that Japan counts: “I quietly hold my breath whenever I come across someone smoking. I see a person walking in front of me. I pass the smoker to avoid the smoke. Stand ashtrays. Disposing of a lit cigarette in one just creates more smoke”.

But really, smokers are just shy people, very afraid to socialize, who have the perfect way to avoid an uncomfortable situation of having to make small talk with strangers: “I was smoking in the crowd. There is no longer anyone around me”.

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