Bon Jovi karaoke

I like Bon Jovi… surprise. I like karaoke…surprise. I love Bon Jovi karaoke… surprise! But I haven’t done that for a while, all my fellow Bon Jovi karaokans live in and around Inuyama. But after dinner tonight, 4 leftovers of the Outback party went to karaoke (at the very expensive Big Echo) for one hour. I know way too short, but we still had our last train home to catch and it was already 23:00.
To my very pleasant surprise they only sang Bon Jovi, not to do me a favor, but because they all love Bon Jovi themselves. Shoko even goes to concerts. I am not alone in Osaka… Still, I can’t wait to attend another Bon Jovi karaoke marathon in Komaki someday soon!

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