Dirty beach

It’s soooo hot in Japan these days, grrrr I really don’t like summer! Yasu had suggested a trip to the beach to cool down. I love the beach (which is why he suggested it) and after the amazing day we had at Shirahama beach in April I really liked the idea of going to some beach in Kobe. So of we went to Suma beach. The train station is located very conveniently right next to the beach so it was easy to find. It started off with annoying salespeople trying to get you into their beachside restaurants, but we weren’t interested (yet, but this behavior wasn’t encouraging) actually following you around when you try to pass them as quickly as you can. I hate salespeople like that. Then there it was the beach, not busy but there were loud and annoying youngsters running around and throwing live fish at each other and thereby not just annoying their friends but all the others on the beach. The beach itself was filled with dirt and broken shells, making it very uncomfortable to walk on with bare feet, and the water was literally filled with jellyfish.
It was extremely hot, the water temperature would have been sufficiently cooling, but the damn jellyfish made sure our bathing suits stayed dry. So even though the whole beach thing was a good idea, we ended up leaving prematurely and still feeling hot and bothered. We wanted to go to some outside water park instead, but they don’t open until next week. We ended up in a huge Starbucks in Kobe, where we spent several hours sipping iced coffee cooling down in the nicely air-conditioned store. For dinner we went to an Italian restaurant where the air-conditioning was working so well, that by the time our pasta arrived at the table it was already cold.

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