Finally, steps again!!

My true gym passion is steps! I love steps, with loud and fast music, twirling about, dancing around, it sometimes feels like flying when you move up, down, to and from the step. They cancelled the easy steps class at my old gym just as I was about to try it, so I had no choice but to join the difficult steps classes and just try it out. The first lesson was very difficult, but I loved the concept and the challenge and around lesson 4 I was stepping just as hard and well as the others! I even arranged a special schedule with the manager at my old job, so that I never had work when my gym had steps classes, which was 3 times each workweek. Steps was one of the things I missed the most when I moved to Japan. And seeing the steps class last week here at Cospa, made me miss it all over again, so much it actually ached.


So I examined the group lesson schedule and discovered two steps classes I can join every week, one on Sunday and one on Monday. I used to do steps level 3 at home, but here the highest they have is steps level 1… And they have a kantan steps class, which translates to easy steps… I worry steps 1 might be too boring, but at least for now I have the extra challenge of language. Again my eyes were fixated on the teacher’s legs and although I have no idea what the words coming out of the speakers mean, I had no problem following the class. It was a fun class, and a good workout. Sometimes I felt like substituting some of the easy routine steps with some more complicated steps I learned at home, but I was able to contain myself, it’s not a good thing to stand out in Japan after all. I’ll safe the free styling for a later date. The only thing I didn’t like was (tonight and also during Wednesday’s aerobics class) that the class ended so quickly, we already started doing the cooling down, when I felt like really going all out on the steps with faster beats and energetically repeating the routines until we drop from our steps due to dehydration. This was always my favorite part of class, the last 5 minutes, when we’d learned all the routines and we exhausted ourselves repeating them over and over again (sometimes in mixed order). But unfortunately they don’t do that here…

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