My first aerobics class

The gym doesn’t open until 10 AM, so if I want to use it before work I can only work out for about an hour because I have to leave for work a little before 12 and after a workout I need a shower. But I can only do this on Tuesday and Friday, because on Thursday the gym is closed (why???) and on Wednesday and Saturday I have to be at work too early to be able to go the gym before work. If I had the power: I’d change the opening hours of the gym to 07:00-24:00 for every day of the week including Thursday, and while I’m at it, I’d seriously decrease the temperature of the 32°C water in the pool too. Anyway, I can’t go to the gym after work on Saturday because it closes 30 minutes after I get back to Tsukamoto, but on Wednesday I can go to the gym after work! Even better there’s a high level aerobics class scheduled that I could make if I hurried home right after my last class. Which I did tonight.

I was a little bit nervous about being so out of shape and not understanding Japanese, and not being able to hide because everybody notices the only foreigner in the room. Armed with two liters of water and two small towels I entered the room uneasily and waited for the class to start while observing all the slim and fit Japanese people in the room. I was surprised by the amount of men (old and young) in the room, at my old gym the participants were all female and only sometimes a gay man would join the class, but here it’s really 50-50. During the class my eyes were fixated on the legs of the teacher, because my ears weren’t able to turn the teacher’s words into anything comprehensible. It was challenging, but I quickly got the hang of it and I had a lot of fun! I’ll definitely be there again next week!

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