My new classroom

As you can see I’ve moved some stuff from my Inuyama classroom all the way to Osaka with me. Because you know, what’s the new American teacher going to do with pictures of Amsterdam and a map of the Netherlands on his wall? And I spent so much time making that ABC caterpillar, I’m not going to leave it behind!

I also saw some nice classroom posters in another school in Osaka, with questions on them that the students can use when they don’t understand something. So I spent a lot of time with my black marker and some colored papers in between classes to make some of those posters for my new classroom.

I’m really starting to like my new classroom, but unfortunately I hardly ever get to teach in it though… It’s one of the largest rooms in our school and all the teachers share each other’s rooms depending on what size of class they need. And my big room is in high demand. Our school is kind of small, we don’t even have a decent lobby, so students all come into the class way before classes start, and they all want to talk. I used to use the 10 minute breaks in between to get ready for the next class, to eat a quick snack or to just close my eyes for a couple of minutes. And the best part was walking to the lobby and calling out the students name (for private lessons) or the class name when it was time to start, it kind of made me feel like a doctor fetching one of his patients from the waiting room (don’t ask me why, but it did), sadly now I don’t get to be that doctor anymore…

More pictures


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