Costco is an American wholesale company with a location in Amagasaki. I’d heard a lot about it and it’s supposed to have a lot of American products. It aroused my curiosity and I really need a ready supplier for my Crest Cinnamon Blast toothpaste, which I have been using for more than 4 years now, and so far has been supplied by people traveling to the States and bringing me back a tube or 2, but I’m running out and I need some more, and very unfortunately I don’t see myself going to the States anytime soon. So today Yasu and I headed out to Costco in Amagasaki to try and find out more about this popular place among foreigners living in the Kansai area.

To enter Costco you need to buy a one-year membership, which can be refunded at any time within that year. So I became a member and we went in. They had a lot of interesting stuff, but of course not the specific brands of toiletries I was looking for. They have a lot of great baked foods though, but the amounts they are selling it in is just unmanageable for someone living in a shoebox. We ended up buying a huge pot of cashews, dozens of diet Dr. Pepper cans, frozen pizzas, a huge tray of croissants, a huge chicken Caesar salad, a box of microwave popcorn with butter taste, some cleaning wipes and most interestingly: real Dutch cheese! Not the fake, Japan-produced, plastic-tasting Gouda, but real Dutch and tasty Frico cheese (jong belegen)! Next time, I’m buying cheese again (of course) and Lays chips, because Japanese chips suck.

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