I’m done cleaning and unpacking, finally! I hate cleaning but it really had to be done as I’m not sure whether the last time this apartment was cleaned was actually in this millennium. But it’s clean now and I really like my new apartment. Sure it’s absolutely tiny and you have to walk through the toilet room to get to the shower room, but it’s big enough for me. My apartment is a Leopalace apartment, which is kind of like a chain (the Japanese really love their chains) apartment builder here, and almost all the apartment look the same on the inside. The weirdest thing is that the apartment comes with a keycard like you’re in a hotel or something. A cool thing is the video intercom I have now, I can see it whoever rings my bell and if they look in any way shady to me (like the NHK man) I won’t open the door.
All the furniture in the living/bed/dining room is made of the same wood (except for the table that I imported myself) so it all matches and looks cute. I have an actual bed, with wooden planks instead of a mattress though, but it’s actually very comfortable with the extra futon I brought from Inuyama. The steps to the high bed open up to create more storage room and I have lots of storage room under the bed. The people from Leopalace have really tried to use every inch of space as optimally as possible.
If have the exact same washing machine as I had in Inuyama and almost the same fridge, only this is a smaller model. But the best part of the kitchen is that it is equipped with more than just a rice cooker and one burner: it has a toaster over, a second burner and even a microwave (which is totally new because the old one had been broken for more than a year, the old teacher never had it replaced). It doesn’t have a hanging drying rack though, I really liked that about my kitchen in Inuyama. All this equipment actually inspired me to cook dinner for Yasu tonight (which I never did in Inuyama), which he really enjoyed. Also the bathroom has some kind of air system that enables me to dry to my clothes extra quick on the rail above the tub. No more wet clothes in my room!
Another good thing about this apartment is that it’s located in the greater city of Osaka and that they have different garbage pickup rules here. The rules in Inuyama were incomprehensible and even though I tried really hard to obey to the really enigmatic rules for the first few months, in the end I gave up completely and started dumping my trash at the konbinis in my neighborhood. And it was always done in fear of the Inuyama garbage police which will punish you with a day of sorting other people’s trash at city hall. Here in Osaka its all nice and simple: they say it’s all trash so just put it in a bag together and don’t forget to take it out on Mondays and Thursdays. People have given me different reasons for the non-separation of trash in Osaka, like the Osaka garbage people are too lazy and Osaka has a very sophisticated burning machine which can cleanly burn everything together. Whatever the reason, I’m happy I can get rid of my trash without feeling like a criminal.

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